all grown up

oh hi, welcome to! this little project has been lengthier than expected but we are up and running and had a rad time getting here! we still have our humble abode on etsy but with the great amount of supporters, we were able to put our big kid shoes on and move into our own space. so thank you! it means a lot to know people are stoked on the randomness that comes out of my brain.

if you haven't yet, sign up for our mailing list. trust me, i don't have time to send you nonsensical emails everyday about things i think you care about. but we do send out emails about new products and current specials going on. oh, and maybe events we'll be at in case you're around town. i assume if you sign up, you'll want to know about those things right?

we have so many more products in the works, i really can't wait to show you but i can't because they don't exist yet (but they will soon!)

so please, make yourself at home, shop a little and get to know what we're all about!

...i'm off to work on those new products i just promised.

to celebrate our grand opening, we're throwing in a special summer por vida [.com] koozie with every purchase over $10! *while supplies last!

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